Information Technology (IT) Continuity Planning With Battery Backup Power, Inc.

It was 05:27 a.m. on Monday morning and a car wreck down the street knocked out power to the Southern California office that housed the private cloud accounting and storage servers (1 physical machine and 2 virtual machines).

All of the Midwest office locations were opening in 33 minutes and would need access or have to turn customers away. The East Coast offices were already open. The closest IT staff member was over an hour and a half away due to typical Los Angeles traffic.

Luckily, the cable modem, router, switch, and server were backed up by a Battery Backup Power, Inc. 2000 VA / 1400 Watt rack mount online (double conversion) pure sine wave uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with 2 attached rack mount battery cabinets.

2 hours and 47 minutes later when the power came back on, the modem, router, switch, and server were still running on backup battery power.

Battery Backup Power BBP-2000RM-PSW-ONL
Battery Backup Power BBP-2000RM-PSW-ONL

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