How Battery Backup Power, Inc. Powers MotoAmerica

MotoAmerica is a professional motorcycle racing series sanctioned by the AMA and FIM. It needed a durable energy storage solution to provide conditioned, uninterrupted power to its MyLaps Sports Timing decoders/controllers. These decoders/controllers are placed throughout the race track in areas far away from any reliable power source. They record racer data and wirelessly send it to the main servers in the pit (also protected by multiple Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS systems). Leaving gas powered generators unattended in all weather conditions attached to sensitive equipment and long extension cords were ruled out as options.

Niccole C., the Race Operations Director set a requirement that each MyLaps unit needed 6-8 hours of power in locations far from reliable energy sources. Battery Backup Power, Inc. came up with an online (double conversion) rechargeable UPS loaded with batteries (based on run time requirement) and protected by an outdoor enclosure with a solar powered ventilation fan. Each energy storage enclosure/outdoor UPS is retrieved and charged overnight, then placed in the field before each race to power the MyLaps decoder/controller.

Battery Backup Power, Inc. ( is an American performance energy storage and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) brand. The company specializes in matching each customer with the right solution based on their needs. Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS systems are used by utility companies, IT datacenters, 3D printer manufacturers, laboratories, dental offices, security monitoring centers, and now pro racing series.

Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS For MotoAmerica
Battery Backup Power, Inc. UPS For MotoAmerica

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